First Annual Minnesota Gun Owners Lobby Day to be held January 26


MNGOLD - Minnesota Gun Owners Lobby Day

GOCRA and MNGOPAC present the first annual Minnesota Gun Owners Lobby Day


On Monday, January 26th, Minnesota’s gun owners will converge on the Minnesota State Capitol for the first annual Minnesota Gun Owners Lobby Day (MNGOLD).

We will show our strength with a rally outside the capitol, then march inside to meet with every single legislator in the state. In the capitol, we’ll deliver a strong message: you work for us, and it’s time for you to respect, protect, and advance our Second Amendment rights.

The event is co-sponsored by Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance and Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee.

The organizations will be releasing more information about the event next week.

A great weekend at Ahlman’s Shooter’s Roundup!

THANKS to all of our volunteers for a great weekend at the GOCRA tent at Ahlman’s Shooter’s Roundup.

Kevin Vick of Crucible Arms (pictured below), Brad Odegard, Dan MacDonald, Roger Parras, Rob Doar, and Martin Wick, thanks for putting in the hot days!



A special thanks to Will from M4 Photography (see his racy photos of women and guns at for all of his help in securing our location and helping with setup, logistics, and storage, and for the great photo above.

Finally, thanks to everyone who signed up with us at the show — together, we can whup any New York City Billionaire’s gun control attempts!

All Wet?

Usually, it’s the gun control crowd that’s all wet. Once in a while, though…