THANK YOU for fighting for your gun rights — here’s what’s next

Due to an email glitch, some people didn’t get this message yesterday, so we apologize if you get this twice. Please note that we’ve updated the probable Senate hearing date next week to THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21.



Gun rights activists — that’s you! — made a fantastic showing at last week’s gun control hearings at the Minnesota House. At the hearings, a dozen bills were introduced and debated. Eleven of them would restrict our right to keep and bear arms.


For an overview of all of these bills and what they mean, visit our bill reference page at


But thanks to your turnout, and your flooding the legislature with calls and emails, there are already cracks forming in the support for these attacks on the Second Amendment:



Rep. Debra Hilstrom

Committee member Debra Hilstrom (DFL – Brooklyn Center), apparently sent hundreds of people this email over the weekend:


Thank you for contacting me regarding bills introduced regarding guns. I do not support any bans or the proposal for additional background checks. 

Thank you 


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We appreciate Rep. Hilstrom’s pro-civil-rights approach!


Rep. Alice Hausman

Representative Alice Hausman (DFL – Roseville), the author of the “assault weapon” and magazine ban bills, was not even in the room to present “her” bills to the committee. She left it to a gun control lobbyist, paid by out-of-state foundation funds, to pitch the proposals. Even the Star Tribune took note of this highly irregular activity.


Hausman later admitted to a reporter from the liberal web site that she “doesn’t really know anything about guns” and “just sorta signed up.”






These bills stand a good chance of being shot down in committee. You can make that happen:


1) CALL and EMAIL Representative Alice Hausman and (politely) demand that she withdraw the bills that she didn’t even present.


Rep. John Ward

2) CALL and EMAIL Representative John Wardthank him for his past support of your gun rights,  and encourage him to stand by his values, maintain his GOCRA A-rating, and vote against these infringements.



Representative Shannon Savick

3) CALL and EMAIL Representative Shannon Savick, remind her that her district is filled with hunters, sportsmen and Second Amendment supporters, and ask her to vote against these rights-infringing bills.



4) CALL and EMAIL your OWN state representative and senator and tell them not to support these infringements. If their info isn’t at the bottom of this email, please update your address using the link below! We need it to get you information specific to your area.




The Minnesota Senate will have their own  gun bill hearings starting, probably, next Thursday afternoon. If you can join us at the capitol to stand up for your rights, we need you there. We’ll send you more details as soon as we have them.

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1 comment to THANK YOU for fighting for your gun rights — here’s what’s next

  • Matthew Lauseng

    I would like to attend the Senate hearings so please make sure i am updated on the day and time. I will try to bring my wife and chinldren down also so they can see how things are done at the capital. I think it would be a great learning experiance for them.