HF0237 – An Assault on Due Process and Privacy.

In the coming days, GOCRA will give you summaries of each of the bills that will be heard at the hearings next week. Please take time to look at the dangerous implications of these bills, and contact the members of the House Public Safety Finance and Policy, and your own representatives.

HF0237Rep. Paymar

Short Description
Pistols and semiautomatic military-style assault weapon transfer and firearm possession eligibility provisions modified, and criminal penalties provided.

GOCRA Analysis

This bill makes attacks on fundamental rights, due process of the law, your permit to carry, and your privacy.


The first concerning change is a removal of due process for the mentally ill and developmentally disabled.
In current MN law to lose your firearm rights, a judge has to commit you to a treatment facility, or declare you unfit.

If this bill were to become law, the opinion of any medical professional or mental health worker could remove the right of self-defense from anyone they deem to have a mental or developmental disability, completely circumventing standards and precedent established by the courts. The bill will even eliminate the rights of people put on a 72-hour hold to only determine IF they have a mental health issue, regardless of the outcome. It may also discourage people from seeking the treatment they need in order to prevent losing their gun rights.

GOCRA supports taking measures to limit the access of the mentally ill to firearms, BUT those measures MUST be done within due process of the law, and respect to fundamental rights of free citizens.

This bill subsequently attacks your privacy, establishes de-facto gun registration, as well as weakens the MN permit to carry.


When applying for your permit to purchase, police officers can extend the processing time for up to 30 days (instead of the current 7 days) under the guise of “verifying your identity”.

Currently, your permit to carry acts as a 5 year “permit to purchase” for the transfer of firearms. If this bill becomes law, you will need to get a permit to purchase every 12 months, on top of your permit to carry. This is an unnecessary redundancy, as MN sheriffs must check the validity of your carry permit annually.


This bill intends to allow the government to know who, what, where, and when you transfer a firearm to another party by requiring you to process all transfers through a FFL federal dealer. The government will keep track of all sales, transfers, loans, and gifts outside of immediate family.
Not only does this bill mandate that you involve a 3rd party in your private transaction, the government will have a say in the fees that are charged in a private transaction.

Planning on loaning your buddy your gun for deer opener? You’ll need to go to an FFL for loans over 24 hours.

The proponents of this bill will tout this as closing the “gun show loophole”, when in actuality, the US Department of Justice determined that only 0.8% of guns used by over 18,000 prisoners were sourced directly from a gun show.

Make no mistake, behind the curtain, this is gun registration, and has little to do with keeping guns off the streets.

We need you to get involved. Contact the members of the committee below, and show up on the 5th, 6th, and 7th. Make it clear that law-abiding citizens will not stand for assaults on our rights, and legislation that will do nothing to prevent criminals from getting firearms.

House Public Safety Committee:

Representative Michael Paymar (DFL) – Chairman



Representative Paul Rosenthal (DFL) Vice Chairman



Representative Tony Cornish (R) – Republican Lead



Representative Debra Hilstrom (DFL)



Representative Brian Johnson (R)



Representative Tim Kelly (R)



Representative Andrea Kieffer (R)



Representative John Lesch (DFL)



Representative Kathy Lohmer (R)



Representative Joe Mullery (DFL)



Representative Jim Newberger (R)



Representative Shannon Savick (DFL)



Representative Dan Schoen (DFL)



Representative Steve Simon (DFL)



Representative Erik Simonson (DFL)



Representative Linda Slocum (DFL)



Representative Mark Uglem (R)



Representative John Ward (DFL)



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5 comments to HF0237 – An Assault on Due Process and Privacy.


  • Rob

    My name is Rob I am a citizen of Minnesota I am a life nra member and a responsible,law abiding tax paying American and I oppose and urge others to oppose any and all anti gun legislation being proposed at both the state and federal level. This kind of B.S is not going to reduce crime or make us safer, it will just diminish the 2nd amendment rights of law abiding gun owners like me.
    !!! I VOTE !!!!

  • Mr.Pizarro

    Hello, I am a veteran and a law abiding Minnesotan. It has been brought to my attention that this Gun Bill stuff is getting out of hand. I am wondering how law abiding Minnesotans are to be punished by the minority? I served my country with honor and dignity for almost 16 years before I retired. Combat Stress took a toll on me and I decided retire. I would like to point out that I am an active shooter and feel this is one of my only escapes from day to day life, it is where I like to go to unwind and relax. I take my sporting very seriously. I buy targets and bullets that reduce ricochet. I practice all the range safety that I was taught through out my time in the Military.

    My concern is for those in the military that have returned from combat that have been or are treated for PTSD. For some of them they like to go to the gym or go hiking, others like to collect stamps and coins. I like to shoot my weapons. I like to be brought back to something that I am familiar with. I like to concentrate on that long shot or make the tight groups on my paper targets. I am not a threat to the nation or any of her people. I feel that these bills open a door that will hinder either veterans from shooting, which is how I connect with other veterans and friends, or veterans will stop seeking mental health care that is needed in order to keep their rights to have a firearm. It is weighed heavily on how to fix this problem of the broken and evil people in our society and keeping them out of harms way. I think we just have to understand logic. The criminal or the crazy will always find a way and those that can will not be able to protect themselves if they are not allowed to have a firearm.

    In closing I would like to ask that you not allow the emotional out of control atmosphere of Sandy Hook, Aurora or any other place of popular interest of mass shootings sway your judgement when you have examples of places like the state of Illinois that have some of the strictest gun control and have not had any success in curving any weapon violence.

  • John Beek

    This type of legislation is just what the power hungry leaders in Washington want. Do you realize that countries/areas,ie Chicago, have higher crime rates statistically because of their gun control laws. I am a new concealed carry permit holder,and law abiding citizen. I was also a delegate to the state Republican convention. I vote and take my politics seriously.I strongly oppose all legislation that limits our 2nd ammendment rights. Remember, that right was enacted to give citizens protection from tyranical, over zealous, governments like the one about to happen here.

  • Guns of what make or model or configuration, can-not cause anyone to do good or evil; right or wrong; or something wise or foolish. Guns can-not cause anyone to commit a crime anymore than a book of matches can cause one to commit arson; or knives, forks and spoons can cause obesity.

    One can not attach blame or responsibility to objects which do not have the capacity to do anything. One can only attach blame and responsibility to persons, not to objects.